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The Caffeinated Catnipped Cat

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I am owned by two cats, Cosette and Arwen. Cosette is sweet, Arwen is a devil child. I must be a crazy cat lady because I set up lj accounts for the two of them, and I post in their journals whenever they do something amusing. I took three years of Japanese at a nearby community college, and I also know Spanish. I enjoy watching anime, Buffy, Angel, Six Feet Under, Firefly, Heroes, Doctor Who, and good movies in general. I love to sing and I wish my husband wouldn't complain whenever I play with the karaoke machine. I've also been known to sing along to music in the car. I consider myself to be very inquisitive, and I enjoy learning new things. Our new house rocks! Unfortunately, unpacking all of our stuff and getting things organized is taking up a lot of time! Finally, I love our Toyota Prius and, nowadays, I'm very happy to be getting around 50 mpg.

I am also the moderator of heroes_ic, a weekly icon challenge community based on the tv show, Heroes. I also moderate two writing communities: story_lines and nastowrimo.